America’s space story stretches backto 1915.

Hundreds of thousandsof NASA photographsdocument...

everymission,discoveryand innovation

We analysed thesearchives usingmachine learning,

to present themin a new, surprisingway.

NASA’s Visual Universe

To celebrate 60 years of NASA and 50 years of Project Apollo, the Google Arts & Culture Lab has created NASA’s Visual Universe - an experiment drawing on NASA’s vast image archive.

Using NASA’s public API, we explored 127,000 historic images stretching back to 1915, and analyzed them using machine learning - bringing surprising and interactive results.

We especially used Google Cloud Natural Language to extract keywords and information from the archive.

Explore NASA’s rich history of discoveries, missions, and science, search a term, and discover more about the world’s favorite space agency.

For more information on NASA and its missions, visit

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